Nursing - master degree

General information

General information
Official study name Nursing - master degree
Study goal master degree in nursing
Hours - summary 1 523 hours
- theory 963 hours
- practice 280 hours
- professional practice 280 hours
Duration 4 semesters
Study beginning October 2015
Enrollment fee 150 PLN
Cost of education 2950 PLN/semester (5 * 590 PLN)
The number of available places 90 (studia niestacjonarne)
Date of permit 27.01.2011 r. (permit)
Account number ALIOR BANK 76 2490 0005 0000 4520 2992 5285
Date and place of classes


  • unsteady (Friday-Sunday)
  • stacionary (Tuesday-Friday)

Place: Poland, Legnica, ul. Powstańców Śląskich 3.

Required documents
  • Filled (online) an application form,
  • Diploma of the first degree in nursing,Photocopy of identity card,
  • 3 photographs,
  • Occupational medical certificate stating the possibility of studying,
  • Confirmation of the payment of fees - enrollment,
  • The original certificate of matricularion,
  • The original certificate of secondary school.
The cotract for the study Contract
Deadline for submission of documents 15.10.2015 r.
Contact Joanna Strzyżewska
Phone number (76) 854 99 33, 796 996 088
E-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Recruitment form (form)


Study plan


Name Academic title/ degree Specialty
Iwona Bejster Master degree Nursing
Janusz Bielawski Professor Doctor Orthopedics and traumatology musculoskeletal
Jarosław Czeszejko-Sochacki Ph. D. Pediatrics and allergy
Ewa Ditrich Master degree Emergency nursing
Henryk Fenik Master degree Nursing, emergency medicine
Karolina Graif Master degree English Philology
Elżbieta Grajczyk Ph. D. Nursing
Józef Jagielski Professor Doctor Clinical physiology, electrocardiography, genetics, biocybernetics
Edyta Kędra Associate Professor Ph. D. Nursing
Beata Koprowska Master degree Nursing
Jacek Kurcz Ph. D. Radiology nad Diagnostic Imaging
Tadeusz Laurowskia Master degree Administration
Jerzy Mazurek Ph. D. Clinical psychology, neuropsychology
Tomasz Mytkowski Master degree English Philology
Liliana Paczkowska Master degree Paediatric Nursing
Piotr Pękała Master degree Specialty coaches and instructors
Jolanta Pietras Associate Professor Ph. D. Nursing
Witold Pilecki Doctor of Science Internal medicine
Wiktor Piotrowski Associate Professor Ph. D. Internal medicine, organization of health care
Krystyna Przybyła Master degree Nursing, managment andorganization of health care
Aleksandra Pytel Ph. D. Nursing
Małgorzata Reszko Master degree Nursing
Zbigniew Rykowski Doctor of Science Pharmaceutical science, organic chemistry
Adam Szczeniowski Doctor of medicine Anesthesiology and resuscitation
Stanisław Szymaniec Doctor of Science Immunoogy nad ophthalmlology
Przemysław Turek Master degree English Philology
Michał Wachowiak Master degree English Philology
Celina Witkowska Ph. D. Education
Janusz Woytoń Professor Doctor Obstetrics and gynecology
Grażyna Zbieg Master degree Nursing
Piotr Żukrowski Ph. D. Oncological surgery